Playing For Keeps

by Nautical Mile

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released January 18, 2017

All Tracks written and performed by Nautical Mile
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Pickett
Artwork by Zak Wynter

Additional writing by A. Lane and C. Daniel
Additional vocals by H. Middlemass

All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Nautical Mile Perth, Australia

Nautical Mile.
Formed in July 2015, from Perth, Western Australia.

Something along the lines of a blend of Pop-Punk and Post-Hardcore, for fans of A Day To Remember, Sum 41 and Four Year Strong.

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Track Name: Flight Risk
I'll never find my way up when the sun goes down,
When the streetlights fade and there's no way out.
Paralysed by my fear of heights,
Don't leave me stranded here in my doubt.

Do wolves feel sorry for the sheep?
Do you ever say your prayers before you sleep?
On your knees you hope your dreams come true,
A glimpse of heaven may have to do.

Stand up! It's not worth fighting for!
Live Strong! It's not worth dying for!
Look Up! Stand and be counted for!
Die Young! I can't take it anymore...

So light the future with the flames of the past,
To guide our way across the thunderous seas,
These days are numbered and we know they won't last,
But there's still things to see that you won't believe

I strain to see right through it all
This jealousy of a mote in my eye so small
And now its plain to see,
That in the end I never walked that tall

Find a way out, gotta take flight,
Spread your wings and leave it behind,
Find a way out, gotta take flight,
Spread your wings and leave it behind
Track Name: Mutiny! (Feat. Henri Middlemass)
It started out with a kiss,
An unstoppable love,
Don't want to brag about it,
Now I can barely move,
Don't want to talk about it
These days it's easier to let go than to try and pick myself up

I've never wanted something more than you
My hopes set higher than your expectations,
But still let down by you

Are you my anchor? Are you my sail?
I refuse to drown, I refuse to fail
Let go, let go
You're always dragging me down

All this time spent with all my regrets,
And all these lips sealed with all my secrets,
And all this guilt filling all my pockets,
I can barely hold myself up

Are you my anchor? Are you my sail?
I refuse to drown, I refuse to fail
Let go, let go
No longer dragging me down
Track Name: Playing For Keeps
Hold on, its not strong enough to break you
Stay strong, this pain can only shape you
Remember when you were young, take on anything so fearless
Now you're old, those days are gone, the fight inside your head so vicious

Do you want to breathe?
I can set you free
You can count on me
Baby you can count on me

Let go of what you've lost
You've got to take hold of what you want
Keep moving forward, get off your knees
The game ain't over and we're playing for keeps

This pressure is never ending
Try not to break but always bending
My head cant take no more
Need the release I'm dying for
Resolute we stand and conquer demons
This worthless coal turn into diamonds

Be careful with these games you play
Don't gamble your life away
Two steps forward, one step back
Trust in me and stay on track
Track Name: P's and Q's
Straight faces staring at me,
I like you a little bit angry
A little cut and a little bit wasted
So mad you can almost taste it

I'm thinking, you're feeling
You'll take whatever I'm dealing
You're faded, I'm not jaded
You're naive!

What do you want me to say?
You're fuelling my apathy,
Too bad your feelings mean nothing to me
I'm not sorry, I feel fine,
I'm already dead on the inside,
Too bad your feelings mean nothing to me

Straight-laced and all offended,
Hurts more than you comprehended
My perceptions, you're assuming
P's and Q's have got no meaning

Your respect I reject
I'm fine here with all my neglect
You're lazy, I'm not crazy,
You're naive!

Watch out here's a trigger warning,
Watch the white knights all come crawling
I'm not sorry and I'm not ashamed
You're always looking for someone to blame
Insulted just to feel something, you may as well stand for nothing
Politically correct and full of rage
You're always looking for someone to shame
Track Name: Vantablack
Crack in the ivory,
Fluorescent decay,
Bleach my colours and watch me fade to grey
You took it all with your gravity,
Leash all the light but watch it slip away
Show me a liar and I'll show you a thief
Put on a straight face and drop to my knees,
Cut me some slack or cut me free

It's too dark to see the end of you and me

Vantablack, the shade of your heart,
Drawn to the darkness, straight from the start
Vantablack, the shade of your heart,
Pull me together or tear me apart

Infinite distraction, shining refracting
All this callous and casual destruction
Addicted to lethargy, somebody rescue me
Detached and distant, always indifferent
These beautiful lies are so damn malignant
Liberty is new to me,
I've never felt so free

It's better to burn out than to fade away