Nautical Mile

by Nautical Mile

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released March 31, 2016

All Tracks Performed by Nautical Mile
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Pickett
Artwork by Zak Wynter
With thanks to Robert Zurzolo and Matthew Matusik



all rights reserved


Nautical Mile Perth, Australia

Nautical Mile.
Formed in July 2015, from Perth, Western Australia.

Something along the lines of a blend of Pop-Punk and Post-Hardcore, for fans of A Day To Remember, Sum 41 and Four Year Strong.

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Track Name: Fall
Do you even know what you're defending
This noise is never ending
Its hard to breath when you're on my neck
This pain as deep as my regret
I've never felt such apathy,
I'm on my knees, just let me bleed
We empty ourselves
So we feel nothing

Quit stealing the colour from my dreams
We're splitting at the seams
We had it all
And now I'll watch you fall
I wont listen to your screams
Nothing is ever as it seems
We had it all
And now I'll watch you fall

Pretty garbage, good riddance and goodbye
The rotten apple of my eye
I'll clean you out just like its spring
Remember don't come back again
Here I lay my lungs still heaving
Undefeated, heart still beating
We empty ourselves
So we feel nothing
Track Name: Weight Of The World
You're so predictable, I just relate to you
On a meaningless level, I know it's true
The image of you inside my head
I painted on a white canvas

Yet the paint has dried and the picture's distorted
But I can still make out the view
I wish it didn't have to be like this
Open your eyes and I'll open mine too

So get a little closer now
Breathe the air I breathe
Feel the weight of the world
That I'm beneath
So stay a little longer now
One kiss is all I need
To lift the weight of the world
That's crushing me

And now we're here again, at the end of it all
With this weight on your shoulders you start to fall
Sometimes it's harder to bend than break
But give me strength and I'll save you

It's kinda funny how it all makes sense now
You were playing a game with me but now
We've reached a point where we can't turn back
One step further and we'll be falling forever
Track Name: I'm Not Complaining
I tried to get the message through
But it's as if you've seen the end for me and you
With your conscience clear you might be sure
That I'm not stopping you from running any more

So we'll throw it all away
A memory set to fade
Foundations made of dust
Steel bridges built to rust

If you want to leave, I'll show you the way
If it's hurting me, there's no need to stay
But don't come to me, if you think you're fading,
If you want to leave, then I'm not complaining

I tried to set the record straight
But fear has led to anger, and anger leads to hate
If you never ask you'll never know
But this is how it feels when a house is not a home

So let's throw it all away
And put an end to this disarray
The wasted years, foundations made of dust
They fall apart, like bridges made to rust

Don't look back!
I'm not complaining when you walk away
Lets call it quits if you feel that way
There's nothing else left for me to say
You'll see pride when you look at me
Track Name: Oceans Apart
I'm screaming in the dark at the top of my lungs
I'm bruised and broken and I'm coming undone
The memory of your face, the look in your eyes
So deep I could drown, so deep I could drown

My confidence is riding on the tip of my tongue
Thoughts like an anchor always pulling me down
The dreams I once had, now washed away
Its breaking me down, Its breaking me down

Can you hear me calling from where you are
Against the current it seems so far
We'll fight the tides together (together)
Can you hear me calling from where you are
Against the current it seems so far
We'll fight the tides together
Oceans Apart

The darkness grows and I'm screaming will I see you again?
Lungs filled with water and I'm fighting the pain
You can hear my voice but can't feel my hand
Where are you now? Where are you now?

I'm fighting for air, I don't wanna drown
Keep my head above water, and my feet on the ground
I'm holding on until the storm will end
And we're together again, together again

The ghost of yesterday's gone, so...